Giants Victor Cruz & Mario Manningham present at the 54th Annual Grammy awards [video]

The 54th annual Grammy awards took place on Sunday. Of course there were a few jocks and jock affiliated at the festivities.

Giants WR Victor Cruz is still capitalizing on his Cinderella season. Not only was he seated like third row behind Adele, he and Mario Manningham also presented an award.

Putting that IMG magic to work!

Ok, Jill’s tips:
– Victor needs a stylist. The $2 dollar suit and white shoes… NEGATIVE
– Victor’s salsa is more of a cha cha. I know it;s his signature but can we start thinking ahead.
– Mario should understand that the “celebrity shades” were not a great idea. WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE WITHOUT YOUR HELMET. And when you had the chance for some facetime, you blew it trying to be a “celeb.” But I love the ensemble.

Paris Hilton is a partial owner of a motor cross team and I loved her look!


Fergie is one of the gazillion celebrity owners of the dolphins so I can drop in her Jean Paul Gaultier ensemble too


Rihanna is a basketball fan and she had the look of the night in Armani! So…