Kobe & Kanye hoop together

Kanye and Kobe got together in an Orange County gym earlier this week.

The NBA season is officially underway and we can’t wait to watch Kobe Bryant in the purple and gold. We had front row seats all summer long to watch a legend master his craft and prepare for his 19th season. It’s been a privilege working with you. And yes, that is Kanye West. #OGP #TheHub #NBA #Lakers #BlackMamba #MambaReturns #Lakeshow

Kanye and Kobe have hung out before. Remember that time the Black Mamba chilled in the studio with Yeezy? and Ye was also featured in Kobe’s mini movie, “The Black Mamba movie” with Bruce Willis in 2011.


And he was featured in Kobe’s Nike spot, “The Kobe System”

I would’ve LOVED to listen to this conversation. Ye seems to have a real basketball passion.