Does Raptors Lou Williams have a “sister-wives” situation going on with his girlfriends? [photos]


We know that those who live a high-profile lifestyle are prone to get into situations which the average person might be puzzled or at the very least, intrigued by. Case in point, if this alleged situation involving Toronto Raptors guard Lou Williams is true, it’s likely every man’s fantasy situation.

Per BallerAlert, Lou is rocking a non-conventional lifestyle choice of having two girlfriends. That doesn’t seem too strange, but here’s the twist, not only do the two know about each other, the three of them all hang out, take family trips together, and maybe more…

Lou Will is dating a woman he affectionately describes as “Blonde” on his Instagram page. Her name is Ashley Henderson, she’s a hair stylist and has an online clothing boutique for kids “Trendy Mini”  that was inspired by she and Lou’s daughters Jada and Zoey…

Lou is also dating a woman named Rece Mitchell, whom he nicknamed “Brown” and the fun part is that they all know about it and are okay with the situation.

Blonde” puts up with the agreement because Lou has afforded her a pretty nifty lifestyle that she isn’t quite ready to give up yet. Also, let’s not forget there are two young children involved. So in short, “Brown” is basically Lou and Ash’s girlfriend.

Rece even captioned a photo with the three of them telling people not to think too hard about it.
“Don’t think about it too much”



Lifestyle. Welp… three consenting adults do what they want to. Just ask Wiz Khalifa


photos via @louwillville @thee_ashdash @rece_gorgeous