Kobe Bryant says no Clippers rivalry and Dwight Howard answers whose team it is: Lakers media day 2012

The Lakers held their media day on Monday along with the majority of the NBA. Of course there were tons of questions whose stories will dot the start of the ’12 – ’13 season. When will Dwight Howard be ready to hit the floor, how will Kobe and Steve Nash blend together, are the Clippers a legitimate rivalry.

ESPN radio reports that Kobe is “happy” to not have to handle the ball as much with the addition of Steve Nash. At this point in his career, he’s ready for that. The result should be the ability to spread the show and pick your poison starting with inside out.

Kobe was also quick to point out that there is NO rivalry between the Lakers and Clippers yet.

In addressing his back, Dwight continued his stance that he would not touch the hardwood until he was 100% and he didn’t have timeframe on that. He also said free agency wouldn’t be a factor this season because everyone knows he’s waiting until the end of the season to make a decision.

As to the question of whose team it is, Howard told NBA TV’s Craig Sager that it’s “our team” on the floor.

The Lakers also bring Chris Douglas-Roberts into camp. CDR spent the lockout season playing overseas. Before that he played for the Bucks and Nets and also went to battle at Memphis with Derrick Rose.

photos via Lakers