Dwyane Wade’s knee not ready to start the season

Dwyane Wade is making sure he’s keeping in shape while rehabing as he recovers from off season left knee arthroscopic surgery. He and girlfriend Gabrielle Union have taken to bike riding in Miami. Last Friday night the couple and about 2000 local cyclists participated in the Miami Critical Mass ride. The monthly event goal is to help raise motorist awareness for bike riders.


DWade won’t be starting the season because of the knee, He has however, joined in on some of the trash talk in the Eastern Conference. Old rival, new teammate Ray Allen is having a tiff with Kevin Garnett. KG has effectively deaded his friendship with Allen behind his deflection to the Heat. DWade is one person whose happy the two won’t be talking.

“[Garnett] doesn’t need to be talking to our team anyway, so it’s all good,” he said yesterday. “[Allen] doesn’t look too bad in a Heat uniform. At first, it was weird. But now, I’m getting used to it.”

The last few years in Boston, Ray Allen had a rocky relationship with Rajon Rondo, was frequently mentioned in trade rumors etc. He was clearly over it taking less money to sign with the Heat. Business is business. Who wants to be subjected to that type of working environment.


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