Kobe Bryant said he’d pick LeBron James to create the ultimate basketball tandem

In a rare “tender” moment, Kobe Bryant said that if given the opportunity to choose one player in the league to team it with, it would be LeBron James because his game reminds him of NBA legend, Oscar Robertson. Check out Kobe’s logic in that selection.

“It’s a tough question because I’ve played with a lot of great players being on the Olympic team,” Bryant said. “I think that the player I would probably play with the most where the pieces would fit would be myself and LeBron [James], believe it or not, because he’s more of a facilitator and I’m more of a scorer. … He’s a modern version of what Oscar [Robertson] was. He just puts up genius numbers.”

Maybe Mamba is feeling bad for all the heat.. ha ha, get it, “Heat.” Never mind, that King James has taken from other players around the league and knows what that feels like. Even Larry Bird said he’s pick Kobe to win and LeBron for fun. All Kobe cares about is who can get help him get a ring and of course who can get him the ball.

Interesting selection, a point forward.