Basketball Wives season 4 Super Tease sneak peek [video]


Basketball Wives season 4 is a little under two weeks away from it’s debut. You know initally, I had my reservations but after watching this super tease, I will be FRONT and CENTER- well, I recap it so actually I was going to be watching anyway, but not with enthusiasm. Check out the clip and the meet be below so we can discuss.


I cannot believe that there are still this many fist flying in season 4. They must have watched a lot of Love and Hip-hop and felt the need to step their game up.

  • I’m glad Royce is no longer the punching bag focus. That would be dull
  • Kenya Bell definitely seems sort of off. I posted those videos of her “performing.” FREAKY and not in the good sense.
  •  While I appreciate the fact that Jennifer Williams attempts to always remain classy. I want her to get a backbone. It also is not helping you to be seen on TV week after week being punked in this manner. There is a way to shut down foolishness without sullying your hands. She needs to assert herself, this is borderline pathetic. Hopefully that’s just the way the trailer was cut.
  • I am SOOOOO over Tami’s bullying. I hope there’s something else to her this season. GROWTH, I want to see it.
  • Suzie is a Non MuthaFu**in factor as far as I’m concerned. :shrug:
  • Evelyn is Evelyn. You know what you’re getting from her and I’m ok with it.
  • I have no thoughts on Kesha yet but I appreciate that it appears that she’s not going to let these women play her.
  • All hail Queen Bee Shaunie. I think she learned her lesson from season 2 and won’t be in the mix.

February 20th. I can’t wait!