Kevin Durant fined $25K for menacing gesture during Thunder vs. Warriors [video]


Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant has been fined $25,000 for “making a menacing gesture” following this play during Thursday night’s match up between OKC and the Golden State Warriors. Russell Westbrook blocked Stephen Curry’s shot from behind which lead to a one-man fastbreak from Durant whowent coast-to-coast for the dunk! Following the play, Durant made a slash throat gesture and rubbed his hands together.

Sorry, I feel like the league is being a bit excessive with this one. This game wasn’t even chippy. Had it happen in the game that was aired prior on TNT between the Knicks and the Bulls where each game had a certain level of intimidation and aggressive play on both sides, then I could understand it. Guess the league is taking this “Kevin Durant is not nice” campaign Nike launched seriously.