Matt Kemp goes after Padres Carlos Quentin in tunnel following game [photos]


Matt Kemp has his teammate’s back. After his teammate Zack Grienke suffered a fractured collarbone that was the result of a dust up with Padres’ Carlos Quentin. Following the game, Kemp decided that he had a few words for Quentin and confronted him in the tunnel at Petco Park while he headed to the parking lot after the game.

Police eventually separated the parties. However, the Dodgers and Padres will meet again for a three-game series beginning on Monday in Los Angeles. LA Times reporter Dylan Hernandez tweeted that after the confrontation, Kemp told Quentin, “We’ll see, b*tch.”

“I think Carlos Quentin went to Stanford, something like that?” Kemp told reporters after the game, which the Dodgers won, 3-2. “I heard there’s smart people at Stanford. That wasn’t too smart. Greinke didn’t do anything wrong. That stuff happens in the Minor Leagues. It doesn’t happen in the big leagues.”


Matt Kemp looks sexy in a suit asserting his aggression. :giggle:

photos via Beermug sports