Kevin Durant Dunks Off The Backboard At The Drew League [Video]

Photo via Alvin Stafford

Now that the NBA season is done, I’m already going through withdrawals. With a lockout looming, the idea that I may not see basketball for awhile is depressing. :: sad face::

With no summer league either, I’ll be turning to alternative means to get my fix, Pro-Am’s. One of the best in the country is the Drew league. Founded in 1973, the Drew is held “in the hood” at Washington park (South Central L.A. to be exact, right next door to Watts) that doesn’t stop the pros from showing up. The highlight game on Saturday Kings of L.A. (which featured Kevin Durant, James Harden, Russell Westbrook, Michael Beasley and Dorell Wright) against Young Grangers (Nick Young, Andre Miller and Trevor Ariza)

James Harden had 51 points in the victory but Kevin Durant had one of the plays of the game with this dunk off the backboard from a pass to himself!! Did you follow that? Just watch:

How hot was that! It goes down like that every weekend.