JR Smith Suffers Injury In Chinese Basketball Association Game [Video]

JR Smith has suffered a knee injury while playing for his team, Zhejiang in China. Details on the injury are still emerging but here’s what’s known.

J.R. Smith injured his knee during his debut in the Chinese Basketball Association, and needed to be carried to an ambulance by his teammates. JR was unable to walk under his own power. His teammates carried him to the ambulance that was to transport him to the hospital. 

He refused a wheelchair and reportedly told the ambulance to drive him to his hotel, where a nurse stayed with him. One observer said it “looked like a non-contact injury.” 


Not sure how his CBA (Chinese Basketball Association) contract is structured but injury might lead to a buy out and return to the states.


JR Smith tweeted that he’s resting and will see a doctor for an MRI on Monday.


Video via Jose3030 photos via Twitter