Skkybox A Social Network For Professional Athletes Wives & Girlfriends

Skkybox is an online community meant to act as a resource for women who are married or seriously involved with a professional athlete. The idea was created by Kristin Bright. Kristin’s significant other Tony Weeden is currently playing basketball for Polpharma in Starogard Gdanski, Poland.

The two have been together since college (about 7 years) but this year, Kristin decided to quit her job and move overseas with him and their son. Kristin described the move as “overwhelming”

In Kristin’s scenario, the women of Skkybox would’ve been a resource. A source of support, as some have gone through or are in the process of going through the same thing. Hello NBA wifeys making the transition to their significant other playing overseas this season.

A lot of these women are entrepreneurs. Skkybox offers the ability to network plus, the added bonus of relating personal experiences that come along with being involved with a professional athlete.

But, not everyone can join. It’s invite only and there is a vetting process.

Of course I asked Ms. Bright what she thought of reality shows based around athlete relationships.

While she’s a fan of Basketball Wives, she’s quick to point out that it’s only a slice of the pie. Relationships differer from basketball, football, baseball and overseas. The show is for entertainment.

Since Basketball Wives is mainly full of exes, I had to ask the obvious question. What happens after a break up? Will the ladies be voted off the site like Jackie Christie was on Basketball Wives LA?

No, leaving the site is totally at the members discretion.

For the future, the plan is also to begin hosting SkkySocials (like meet and greets) for the ladies in different cities. There are also plans for custom jewelry and other items to be sold on the site.

 I think shopping is something that we all enjoy and I originally envisioned that there would be a galleria within skkybox that offered custom creations (from hot fashion and jewelry/accessory designers) just for our ladies.

It sounds like a great idea, there are several orginazitions similar in concept already in existence. There’s Behind the Bench (membership is limited to NBA WIVES only), Off the field (NFL Wives only) and, The Pro Sports Wives Association (started in 2006, this like SkkyBox accepts all “sports wifeys.”)

The message board component to it makes me think it could evolve into something else. But, ultimately the membership that it’s comprised of will be the deciding factor if it’s all business.

Want to see if you make the cut? Check out SkyyBoxx