JR Smith Already Having Issues With Chinese Team

Former NBA player JR Smith’s MRI was negative and the player has returned to the court for the Golden Bulls scoring 16-5-4. But how long will he last in China is really the question. Reports say that the team is/was considering waiving the enigmatic star for being to demanding and ditching a few practices while claiming illness. 

An insider from the Golden Bulls reveals that the team was planning to waive Smith, who has been too demanding. According to Zhao Bing, the club had provided Smith with a presidential suite at a cost of 6,880 yuan per day, arranged a special chef and spent 700,000 yuan in insurance as he requested. However, he wanted another villa in Shanghai or Hangzhou with a chauffeured car to commute for training in Yiwu. Ding Wei, the team’s head coach, also disclosed that Smith has missed training three times with illness excuses. And the team discovered that once he was actually shopping in Shanghai.

Guys need to understand when they head overseas to play, it’s NOT the NBA. There are more practices, sharing of rooms, bus rides etc. Super happy everything is ok with his knee but one has to wonder what’s next.