Basketball Wives LA Reunion Special Part 1 Recap [Video]

Basketball Wives LA season one is in the books. That means it’s time for the reunion show. Part one of the two part show aired last night, Being totally honest, it was rather a snooze. If you’re interested in the name Jackie blurted out that she accused Gloria of being involved with, it was Gilbert… yeas as in her sister Laura’s fiance. YIKES!  But for the most part, The first half of the reunion special was pretty dull. Let’s check out the highlights.





As mentioned in the Sneak peek, all the ladies slimmed down and stepped up their fashion game for the special.

Imani rocked a Rebbeca Torres number. I’m not a fan of this particular look but I’ve seen another style by the designer that piqued my interest.

Malaysia looked stunning in a Gucci maroon leather dress.

I love that Gloria is always willing to give new designers a shot. She rocked a Mariesa Irene original.

I understand the thought process behind concealing Jackie’s neck area. I don’t agree with the sleeveless ensemble selection or the hair used in her phony pony (tail)

I have a contest launching later today related to Basketball Wives LA and fashion that I know you’re going to love so check back for that! Shout out to HeadBangers Accessories. In the meantime, let’s hope that part two is more interesting.


Photos and video via VH1