Jordan Farmar nails a 3 to lift Nets over Clippers [video]

Both the Lakers and Clippers lost games on Wednesday night that they should’ve won. The Lakers lost to to the Washington Wizards after being up by 21 in the 3rd. The Clippers lost to the Nets after Jordan Farmar hit a buzzer beater to win the game by a point, 101-100. I’d say there’s something in the water but neither team was home. Maybe the solar flares had something to do with it.

Check out Farmar’s deep three.

Kris Humphries also got a bit of payback on Blake Griffin. The last time these two teams met, Blake had a sick dunk on the Hump. Not this time…

You can tell Kris wanted to breakout into a HUGE smile. It was a great block, all ball.

The Clippers-Nets game had a bit of star power courtside, Giants WR VIctor Cruz and his girlfriend Elania Watley were in attendance and Nets partial owner Jay-Z

photos via Sandra Rose