JR Smith Shows off his new friend, rapper Joe Budden’s ex Tahiry in bed wearing a thong [photo]

Let me start this off by saying, JR Smith has NO Chill. The Knicks star recently started a new romance with “urban model/video vixen” Tahiry Jose aka rapper Joe Budden’s ex-girlfriend. JR and Joe had a minor Twitter tiff recently and since then, JR and Tahiry have been pretty open about their budding relationship.

JR decided to tweet a photo of Tahiry in her thong, in bed, watching a game with him. I don’t need to tell you the photo isn’t safe for work right? The word thong should alert you but, just in case.



Go HERE to check out the photo JR Tweeted.

And magically soon after, Joe appears and Tweets this.

You following all this? Then there are more subtweets and one bizarre tweet from JR saying he’s going to “fall back”

Think JR was just being antagonistic? At anyrate, Tahiry then responded…

yeah, this is Kicks and giggles for them. Well at least for JR and Tahiry.