Jason Kidd stages stunt when out of time outs during Lakers vs. Nets [video]


What do you do if you’re an NBA head coach with no timeouts left and 8.3 seconds left in the game? Find a way to stop the game so you can draw up a play for your team. That’s exactly what Brooklyn Nets head coach Jason Kidd did on Wednesday night as his team faced off against the Lakers.

Kidd mouthed the words hit me to rookie Tyshawn Taylor as Kidd set up an “opps my bad” moment as Kidd was holding a cup of soda.



The spill caused a stoppage in play, both icing Jodie Meeks at the free throw line and allowing Kidd time to draw up a play, a Paul Pierce three-pointer around a Kevin Garnett screen. Meeks also hit the free throw. Pierce got a clean look, but the ball bounced off the rim, marking Brooklyn’s last chance at a score and sealing the 99-94 Lakers victory.

Yeah… that’s going to be a fine.


video via The Brooklyn Game