Clippers players reportedly don’t want Lamar Odom back

This should come as a surprise to absolutely know one. While there were reports that the Clippers were interested in re-signing Lamar Odom – of course that was prior to this video of Lamar surfacing – it now looks as if that could be a problem for  players on the Clippers. The team reportedly is pulling for LO to get better and even return to the NBA, just not with their team. Per TMZ, the players feel he’d be a distraction.

We’re told just about everyone on the team is rooting for Lamar to get better — but as far as rejoining the squad, one source tells us bluntly — “Lamar wasn’t s**t before he left the league. Why would he be s**t now?”

Lamar was recently working out in Rhode Island.


On the relationship front, Lamar reportedly is willing to give Khloe a divorce if she gives him $10 million and the ring back.