Jason Kidd gives Bucks written tests on NBA history


The average NBA player assumes their test taking days are a wrap. But apparently if you play for the Mlwaukee Bucks, you better sharpen up that number 2 pencil. head coach Jason Kidd is giving tests on offensive schemes and NBA history to his team.

Kidd gives his players a written test every game day, a trick he picked up from Rick Carlisle and Terry Stotts in Dallas, he says. The tests ask about strategy and basketball history — everything from diagramming a particular set to naming the first coach of the Miami Heat. The coaching staff grades each one and keeps a running tally of player scores through the season.

“I’m not gonna lie,” Antetokounmpo says. “Sometimes I cheat and ask the older guys.”

Kidd hopes the players cheat. He noticed in Dallas how the tests got young guys talking about strategy, and he wants to foster the same kind of dialogue among Milwaukee’s players. Kidd is sometimes unsure the young foreign-born players understand instructions in English, and the discussion gives them another way to absorb coaching, he says.