JR Smith following women on Instagram during Knicks vs. Spurs [Photo]


I know people like to believe that while players are on the bench, their sole focus is on the game being played. That’s not always the case. I’ve known players to text from the bench, send the ball boy into the stands to get a girl’s number, etc. So, we really shouldn’t be surprised to hear that JR Smith was as disappointed with the Knicks performance last night as the fans.

During the 2nd quarter of Knicks vs. Spurs, Earl III was spotted following five women on Instagram. One of them, Sidney Dean is a bottle service waitress in Miami. Dean is a popular follow, with close to 75,000 follows on IG.




She’s also followed by several pro athletes like Kevin Durant, John Wall, Joel Embid, Chad ‘Ocho Cinco’ Johnson and Nate Robinson.

JR sat out with a heel injury, and is reportedly the piece the Knicks are most interested in trading.

Of course the Spurs won. Knicks are now 4-20.

spotted at BSO