James Harden & Dwight Howard respond to the Kevin Durant-Dwyane Wade “beef” [video]


Today is media day for several teams in the NBA! The Houston Rockets will be a team you’ll be hearing a lot from this season with the addition of Dwight Howard and last seasons super steal in grabbing up James Harden. Earlier this week, James’ former teammate, Kevin Durant said he believes Harden is a top 10 NBA player and should replace Dwyane Wade on SI’s list. DWade had his own response. Now we get the opportunity to hear what James and his new teammate, Dwight Howard think about the topic.

James agrees, he had no comment on if DWade should be included in the top 10 and his game compares but I’m going to assume he thinks KD’s reasoning made perfect sense.

Dwight agrees also but is advising James to stay low because, “we do our talking on the court.” I guess Dwight learned something following his time with the Magic and the Lakers.


video via CSN Houston