Michael Jordan sued by woman who claims he’s the father of her 2-year-old


I’m not sure what it is about Michael Jordan and women in the state of Georgia, but apparently they believe they have a close association to the legend. Another woman is stepping forward making the claim that MJ is her child’s father.

Laquetta Theus filed the paternity suit in Georgia, claiming she gave birth to Juyana Rachelle Henderson in August 2010 … and MJ’s the daddy per TMZ. Check out the post she left on Facebook:

Thank you God four never letting go….. I love you with all my soul God!!!!!!…. Michael Jordan when are you goning to support your 2year old daughter you drop 10million on your nice wedding that you had april 27 that was nice but dont you think It time that you support your daughter and the way you should .. every sense 2008 I been now you It’s been nothing but a lie you told me and I just want you to man up to your daughter and her father should not lie to her about nothing so I relly hope that you could be the best father that you can be to her she look just like you so stop keeping your daughter a secret It should not be luke that she your It time Michael Jordan’23′ four you to become a father and your daughter life you tell her you love her when are you goning to show her I pray to God that you become that father figer and her life …..

MJ is approaching this suit in the same way that he approached Pamela Smith… At least Pam had photos of her and Jordan together… Soooo, looks aren’t everything but if you believe Jordan has a “type,” Laquetta probably isn’t what you envisioned. :shrug:

photos via BSO