Is This The End Of The Miami Heat?


First, I think we need a bit of mood music for this moment. My selection, New Edition’s “Is this the end?.”

“Is this the End? Are you my friend? It seems to me, you want to be free. You used to be mine when the (champion) Chips were down”


That’s what Heat fans and the players have to be asking themselves today, after the game 4 smack down the San Antonio Spurs gave them. The theme of the night, “ball movement.” The Spurs made the extra pass, putting on a clinic of beautiful basketball. In postgame on NBA TV, Tony Parker said that they practice moving the ball 10 times before scoring. It’s a Popovich drill. Add to that the Spurs defense, its probably a good time to abandon the old thoughts that the Spurs are “old” and “boring.”

With the Spurs up 3-1, winning the last two games in Miami by 40 points,  you’d naturally think the MVP of the series so far would be Parker or Tim Duncan. Nope, it’s Kawhi Leonard in all his fuzzy braid glory.

Kawhi scored 20 points, had 14 rebounds and 3 assists. Let’s not forget the key defensive sequences he was apart of.  Every active player on the Spurs roster scored.

This is the first time the Heat have lost back-to-back playoff games since the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals.

LeBron James can’t do it by himself. The Heat bench is weaker than its been in any of their three precious title runs. Are we ever going to get a Michael Beasley sighting?

Dwyane Wade had the worst game of his playoff career in game 4. His lift was non-existent and his missed his first nine out of 10 shots, ending the night with 10 points. At one point in the third quarter, Lebron had scored 28 points, the rest of the Heat, 29.

Game 5 is Sunday in San Antonio. I picked the Spurs in 7, I think the Heat will show some spunk and LeBron James will likely do King James things. But the reality, this series is OVER.