Colin Kaepernick Cleared Of Miami Sexual Assault Allegations


Remember back in April when news broke that San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick was being accused of sexual assault in Miami? Colin immediately came out and proclaimed his innocence and released recordings of the 911 calls backed up his claims.

The Miami DA has completed its investigation and determined that Colin and the two other NFL players that were with him, were cleared of any wrong doing in the incident.

The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office announced it didn’t have enough evidence to prosecute Kaepernick, or 49ers receiver Quinton Patton or Seattle wide receiver Ricardo Lockette.

“No charges, no indication that a criminal act was committed,” said Ed Griffith of the State Attorney’s Office. “She was alleging that she may have been the victim of a sexual assault, and there was no evidence.”


The woman’s behavior was questionable and so were actions once police arrived on the scene.

Investigators say a rape kit was administered to the woman — but NO semen was found in her genital area — and there were no tears or lesions (signs of forced penetration) around her vagina.

Investigators say the accuser was behaving in a bizarre manner at the apartment — including “banging her head against the bedroom walls and kicking uncontrollably.”

According to the report, when officers arrived to the apartment … the woman was moving her body around as “if she was engaged in a sex act, although there was no one else in the room.”

“When she heard the officer’s voices, [she] started screaming incoherently about Jesus and devils. At one point, [she] took the wig off her head and threw it at the officers.”

Officials say it’s possible she may have been under the influence of drugs — but no traces of drugs were found in toxicology tests conducted by investigators. 

It appears as if the woman simply had an unhealthy obsession with Kaepernick. Colin reportedly met her at a club in 2013 in Atlanta. He knocked her down soon after and went about his way. The woman than began reaching out to him on social media, posting videos of herself topless in body paint resembling Kap’s jersey.
She also tried to hit him off with the old April Fool’s Day, “I’m pregnant” joke. Colin’s response was to change his number. On the night of the incident, Kaepernick was with another woman on the balcony of the apartment,  the accuser stripped down naked and confronted them.
Officials say the accuser told the woman who was with Colin that it was not safe to be there. The accuser then went back to Colin’s bedroom and Kaepernick left the apartment. 

Not only that, in an interview with the police, the woman said she prepared her body for Colin by showering and shaving her naughty bits to get ready for action.
My question, who invited her to the room to begin with? She’s clearly got some junk going on with her. Remember my rule of thumb guys, easy pu$$y is never really EASY…
BlackSportsOnline managed to snag a few photos of the woman.