Houston Rockets Will Allow Chandler Parsons To Become Restricted Free Agent This Summer


Looks as if the Houston Rockets are gearing up for the chase of Carmelo Anthony this summer. Looking to make another splash in free agency for the second year in a row. The Rockets have declined forward Chandler Parsons’ option, making him an unrestricted free agent this summer.

This move will free up cap space this summer and give the Rockets the right to match another team’s offer. There is also the possibility that they could use Parsons contract in a sign-and-trade with Minnesota for Kevin Love.

I wonder how Dwight feels about the prospect of Chandler Parsons ending up with another team next season. The two seemed to develop a bond this year.

The salary cap is expected to rise by nearly $5 million for next season. I mean, with teams selling for $2 billion, I’d think so. Hope the players are paying attention. The CBA can be opened again in 2017.