Alleged V. Stiviano Attacker Dominick Diorio Says He Slipped When He Hit Her


Dominick Diorio , a 40-year-old man from Long Island, was arraigned on Wednesday over the alleged attack of V. Stivanno. The woman who was the catalyst for former Clippers owner Donald Sterling being banned for life by the NBA.

Diorio is accuses of attacking Stivanao outside of the Ganesvroot Hotel on Sunday. V.’s version of the story says that Diorio and a friend were drunk and pestering Stiviano,while she was having dinner, the two then followed her outside and began punching and her while yelling derogatory slurs.


As Ms. Stiviano was getting inside a cab, one of the assailants punched her in the face, calling her a “f—— n—– bitch. Moments later, Ms. Stiviano was punched again by the same person while he was yelling, ‘I am going to slaughter you.’

In Diorio’s version of events, he allegedly told investigators that he, “slipped and fell” when he hit V. Stiviano

“A girl threw a phone at me and I ducked, slipped, and hit my head,”

His attorney, David Scott Smith, told reporters that he believes Stiviano is just trying to get attention and there was no “incident.”

Initially Diorio was charged with assault as a hate crime, but prosecutors filed a complaint in which the top count is third-degree assault, a misdemeanor that carries up to a year behind bars.