Golden State Warriors Guard Stephen Curry Is 2015 NBA MVP [Video]


Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry accepted the 2015 Kia NBA MVP award today.

Draymond Green asked if Steph planned on getting his teammates watches, like Kobe did for his teammates his MVP year. Kobe’s former teammate Luke Walton is currently a Warriors’ assistant coach. Steph told Green not to worry, he’d get them something better than the watches Kobe bought.

“Luke (Walton) is one of my main guys and I talk to Luke all the time just about his journey with Kobe and with the Lakers and championships and stuff,” Green began. “And one thing I want to ask is, ‘When Kobe won MVP they all got watches, and you keep mentioning us like we’re apart of this so I was just wondering what our gift was, that’s all.'”

“That’s a great question, Draymond,” Curry answered. “I warmed you guys up with the PlayStation’s last week. That wasn’t good enough, though. I understand, I understand. That gift was the ‘buy me some time,’ until this announcement, and now I can up the level of the gift before we get out of here in June.

“So, don’t worry, I don’t know what kind of watches they were, but I’ll beat that gift.”

I wonder if he knew those watches were $9,000 apiece.


Steph also teared up when talking about what his family and faith meant to him. He broke down in tears, when talking about his father, former NBA player Dell Curry.

Steph thanked each of his teammates individually, and even mentioned head of security, and the equipment guy.

Watch Steph’s entire speech. It’s 23 minutes long, and might require tissue.


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video via @NBA