Is This The Reason Why Matt Barnes Dissed 49’ers QB Colin Kaepernick?


Clippers forward Matt Barnes is always outspoken. Matt is clearly one of my social media favs because his filter is usually set at the off position. On Friday, Matt posted another controversial Instagram post.

Matt was congratulating Arik Armstead for being the San Francisco 49’ers first round draft pick, but then he added an a little shot towards Niners QB Colin Kaepernick.


Congrats to my young boy #ArikArmstead proud of you fam. Ur QB a hoe tho!! #SacTownStandUp

Wondering where this unprovoked attack of Colin came from? The rumor is, it has nothing to do with Matt’s NFL team allegiance, and everything to do with his soon to be ex-wife Gloria Govan. Colin and Gloria allegedly dated and Matt eventually discovering the dirty deets.