Gilbert Arenas: “I’m The Best White Shooter In The NBA”

One thing is certain, a new environment for Gilbert means there will be no shortage of Gil quoatables. His latest proclamation, that he & Magic teammate JJ Redick are “the two best white shooters in the NBA.”

Ignoring the fact that one of the 2 isn’t white, here’s Gilbert’s explanation of the statement:

“In practice I’m one of the best shooters in the world. I proclaim I’m the best shooter in the world in practice. It’s just not falling in the game right now. He’s a very great game shooter. When you shoot that good, you gotta be white. So he said when you guys ask him he’s going to be the best black shooter.”

ummmmmm ok Gil… yeah, I still don’t get it. But to be fair, I didn’t get it when he used to yell Hibachi after making a shot either.