2011 NBA All-Star Dunk Contest Revealed

2 of my favorite LA connected NBA players will be participating in the 2011 NBA All-Star Weekend Dunk contest. The Clippers Blake Griffin (who has the ups and the power to win, not sure about the creative aspect) and the Bucks Brandon Jennings ( Compton’s own).

While Blake would be my favorite to win if he can use his imagination and not flame out like Shannon Brown did last year, don’t sleep on the skills of Brandon Jennings. Check out some of his handiwork for a few years ago:

My only concern with Brandon is that he just had surgery a few weeks ago. I’d hate for him to participate and not be fully healthy.

The other participants, Serge Ibaka of The Thunder ( Ok, I guess) and JaVale McGee of the Washington Wizards.

JaVale also has an interesting connection to L.A., his mother Pamela attended and hooped for USC and the L.A. Sparks. He is also the 1st son of a WNBA player to play in the NBA.

The official announcement will be made on Inside the NBA tomorrow night.