Friday Night Highlights!- 12 NBA games

12 games in the NBA last night. I have sooo been loving the Friday night games this year, let’s Roll… ummm discuss the highlights:

* Lebron’s Block last night against the Pacers was a thing of beauty!! I think he had like 3

Oh yeah Can’t leave out the improvements Big Shaq “like whaaaattt” has been bringing to his game, I guess not being voted into the All-Star game was this year’s motivation.

2nd straight sold-out crowd for the Pacers, and 2nd straight game there were MVP chants for an opponent. King James with 22 pts, 13 asts & 9 rbs. Oh the other sell out and chants for MVP… That would be for the Lakers and Kobe the other night. 

* Another 30 point game for All-Star Kevin Durant as Thunder rolls over Nuggets 101-84. KD had 15 points after the 1st quarter! I see YOU Thunder!!

* Captain Jack (Stephen Jackson) was back in the Bay area for Bobcats vs Warriors. The Warriors fans booed him ::sad face:: But the Bobcats won 121 to 110. Monta Ellis still has love for SJax

Rocky Widner/NBAE/Getty Images

Then again, with Stephen gone, it also left more shots for him. ALL LOVE, no shots!! 

* Big win 4 the Hawks, beating the Celtics 100-91, moving into 2nd place in the Eastern Conference and sweeping Boston 4 the 1st time in 11 years. Hawks PA announcer after ATL’s win over Boston: “IS IT A RIVALRY NOW?” I’d say that’s an AFFIRMATIVE 

I told you there’s a takeover happening. Be sure you’re watching so you can say you witnessed the start!

* The NBA’s top 10 dunks of the week. I’m fairly certain that some of these had to be filler for a slow week and I don’t quite agree with the D Rose dunk as #1. :shrug: It was just ok to me.