Fan throws drink on LeBron James after Miami Heat win game 6 [video]

The Miami Heat were not ready to go home for summer break. In game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals were the Heat were down 3-2 to the Boston Celtics, King James did what a superstar is supposed to do under those circumstances, WIN.

James scored 45 points and chipped in with 15 boards for a game that was never even close. Heat take it, 98-79. On his performance, James had this to add.

 “In an environment like this, you want to have a big game. I wanted to be there for my teammates, no matter what was going on throughout the course of the game. This was a gut-check for us.”

Celtics fans cheered for their team throughout the fourth even when it was obvious that there was no hope. At least one fan had no appreciation for the playoff performance that Bron had just given and provided him with a personal victory shower.


That’s pretty tacky! The last time a fan threw a drink on a player, the result was “the malice at the palace.” Lucky for them LeBron isn’t that type of guy. Oh well Celtics fans, you’ll get to enjoy watching them play their last game in South Beach on Saturday.