Former NFL player Wade Davis discusses being a closeted gay man in the NFL [video]

There has yet to be an openly gay athlete in the three major sports’ leagues in America ( NFL, NBA & MLB)

34-year old Wade Davis played in the NFL for 4 seasons as a Corner back. During Davis’ football career, which included stints with the Tennessee Titans, Washington Redskins and Seattle Seahawks — he never told anyone that he was gay. Davis recently gave an interview to SB Nation where he discussed living life as a closeted gay man in the NFL

At one point Wade mentions that it will probably have to be a superstar to take the step and be the first openly gay player in the L, if the guy wanted to keep his job. The 53rd man on the team probably won’t last. He later retracts that statement but he has a point. Teams thrive off of star players and the feeling is that guy #53 on the roster can be easily replaced. At some point it will be a reality but it feels like football will be one of the last leagues to get on board.

Former teammate, Jevon Kearse has said if he had known at the time Davis was gay, it wouldn’t have been an issue for him.

“I know there have been a lot more than just Wade,” Kearse said. “It’s just becoming more acceptable, which is a good thing so they can come out and not feel secluded.”

I often wonder how many times teammates look at the guy who goes the hardest with procuring females or “making it rain” in the strip club as Davis mentions and wonder if he’s actually covering something up. I’ve always found that even if people aren’t open with their preference, bits and pieces of their true self slip through to those closest to them.


video via SB Nation