Dwyane Wade says he’s going to make Kevin Durant respect his place in history


Just days away from NBA training camps opening. Looks as if Dwyane Wade just got his motivation to be in top form as the Miami Heat attempt to return to the NBA Finals for the fourth time in four years.


DWade is referring to an interview Kevin Durant had where he was asked about  SI’s top 10 NBA players to watch for 2013-14. Lebron was listed at number 1, DWade at number 8 KD didn’t agree with that. He felt Wade should go to make room for his former teammate, James Harden. Also mentioned on the list; Carmelo Anthony at 10, Kobe Bryant at 9, Chris Paul at 3 and KD was second.

KD responded on Twitter



Looks like those Gatorade commercials are becoming reality. Heat vs. Thunder is January 29th.