Nick Young & Gilbert Arenas get cozy with topless mermaid [photo]


Ex-NBA player Gilbert Arenas threw his fiancé, Laura Govan a lavish birthday party in Hollywood Hills on Saturday. The guest list included Matt Barnes and his wife Gloria, Chris Paul & wife Jada, boxer Sugar Shane Mosley, singer Tank and more. The soirée featured fire-eaters, contortionist and mermaids to add to the ambiance. Laura posted a flick of her boo Gil and Lakers Nick Young chatting it up with one of the topless mermaids to her Instagram account. Of course she later deleted it but screen shots last forever.


The weekend also included paintball and a movie night for a special screening of the film, “Prisoners.”

Of course footage was shot for the reality show that Laura and Gloria are trying to pitch. But seriously, leave the whole “real basketball wives” angle alone. That ship has come and gone.

photos via @LauraGovan @GilbertArenas0