Dwight Howard picks new superhero nickname, “Iron Man”

The Lakers began their march into the ’12- ’13 NBA season one Sunday with their first preseason game in Fresno, Ca. against the Golden State Warriors. Dwight Howard was in attendance but didn’t touch the hardwood. He sat down for an interview during the second quarter and one of the interesting items to come out of it was that the “Superman” nickname will be no more.

Since he’s in LA and making a fresh start with a new time, a fan on Twitter  made a new superhero nickname suggestion and Dwight thinks he’s going to roll with it. Say hello to “Ironman”


Of course, some are already mad and poo pooing the new name. Apparently former Laker AC Green was called that based on his consecutive games played streak. Great, Dwight’s going to get in trouble with another former Laker about nickname snatching…

Speaking of, when asked about his “personality frames,” Dwight assured announcer Bill McDonald that his were prescribed and though many people have been trying to convince him to don goggles a’la James Worthy , Dwight didn’t want to be accused of “jacking another player’s style.”

Shaq has that DH12 shook.

photo via Lakers