Dwight Howard expected to make NBA free agency decision by July 10th


Dwight Howard has marked July 10th as the day he will announce his decision on his future NBA team. That’s the first day a free agent can officially sign with a team. If the buzz is correct, the Houston Rockets are likely to be the lucky team. There are even rumors he’s currently in Houston looking at houses. In the last few days we’ve seen the Los Angeles Lakers uncharacteristically launch a city assault campaign asking Dwight to #Stay. Lakers fans were not happy with the storied franchise resorting to “begging” to keep DH. There were also claims that Dwight said the fans in Los Angeles are “ungrateful.” Just 12 more days until everything becomes clear.

Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak is glad Dwight wants to make a decision quickly:

“It’s in everybody’s best interest, I think, to proceed in a timely fashion,” Kupchak said. “I don’t think it’s Dwight’s goal to drag it out. Whether he’s with us or with another team, everybody this time of year has business to take care of. If he’s here, he wants us to know that so we can build around him in this period of free agency, when it moves very quickly, and if he’s with somebody else, that team is going to want the same thing.”

I know the Lakers have to be working on plan B.