Does Lebron’s Entourage Hurt Him?

Lebron James is gracing the cover of the September issue of GQ magazine.  Besides the usual stuff about “The Decision” and how he feels about Cleveland. (he never cared for the city growing up… oh ok ::rolls eyes::) The writer, J.R. Moehringer offered a side prospective about what he observed in the 3 weeks he spent with Lebron for this piece.

What he saw of Lebron’s inner circle and their interactions:

“Well, he was surrounded by a layer of family, then a layer of old friends, and then a layer of Nike people—so Cleveland was where I really got the sense that he is possibly, really insulated from the outside world. All famous people have entourages and inner circles, but this struck me as something larger, even more protective, and harder to break through. I got the sense also that it might’ve been what kept him from gauging the mood in the real world as people waited for his decision. He really did seem to be at the center of an enormous group of handlers, helpers, and managers—and I’m sure that makes him feel good on a day-to-day basis, but there’s a downside to that, too.”

“… I do think that he draws obvious comfort from being surrounded by people who love him—and I don’t see anything wrong with that. But as with anything, all that comfort comes at a cost, and I think that his fear of being alone keeps him at times from walking through the fire that we all have to walk through. Maybe sitting alone in a room and thinking might have helped him realize that an hour-long special devoted to his decision was ill advised. My suspicion from watching him surrounded by people wherever he goes is that he’s not spending a lot of time alone in a room thinking through things.”

Interesting that he thinks Lebron is so insulated that he truly doesn’t understand the response to some of his actions. Another nod to the “man child” topic that always seems to come up when Lebron is mentioned. I’m not buying it but I do think it might be time for King James to perhaps take a closer look at how the outside world perceives his “people”. Presentation is everything at times and now with a new team, making his safety net a little less visible to the naked eye might not be a bad thing.
Loved the spread, Great fashion ( including the white skinny jeans, he made them work OK!!) Check the video and the gallery

Kinda Sexy right??

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