Hard Knocks Spotlight: Antonio Cromartie And His Tribe

Antonio Cromartie, wife Terricka and daughter Jordan

Look, I know stuff happens, sometimes circumstances present themselves and somehow BAM you’re a pro athlete with two young ladies pregnant at the same time.

But The Jets Antonio Cromartie must have been on testosterone OVERLOAD back in 2007. Check this clip from last night’s Episode of HBO’s Hard Knocks

Ummm let’s see that’s 4 – 3years olds, 2 children under the age 1, a couple more I missed and a step daughter with his wife Terricka (the 2 married this summer). WHOA that’s A LOT. Cro’s child support drama has been well documented (rumor was he asked for an advance to catch up on his payments)

It takes a special woman to deal with all of that! I heard the Jets have daycare available during the games for the families. If any family needs it…

Wishing Antonio the best of luck this season, I’m sure his bottom line (and babies mamas) will appreciate it!