Miami Heat Player Udonis Haslem Arrested- UPDATED

What is it about Miami and the players of the Heat being arrested? Udonis Haslem is probably the 4th player on the Heat to be arrested in a year. But don’t forget Smush Parker’s arrest from a beef with a valet that caused his exile from the team (why was he there anyway) and James Posey was parked when he was arrested.

Udonis was pulled over for a traffic stop but somehow a search ensued and mary jane was found. Both he & his passenger were arrested.

Whoa 20 Grams of Marijuana is what allegedly was in the car. That’s a 3rd degree felony in Miami.

Again I say, get one of your boys to be the DRIVER!! Find your “Turtle”. You’re going to have them there anyway, let them contribute to keeping the party going in a different way!

**Looks like his Turtle did what he was supposed to do but like I mentioned earlier, Miami PD & The Heat seem to have a rough history. Here are the details of the stop

According to the report, Haslem then acknowledged the presence of the firearm in the glove box, stated he was “not aware” of drugs in the vehicle and signed a consent form for a search. According to the report, after an initial search, while awaiting the presence of canine search support, Haslem attempted to retract that consent.

According to the report, “three plastic containers with marijuana inside” were uncovered, with the passenger (Antwain Fleming) immediately acknowledging the material as his.

A felony count, such as Haslem’s was cited for, carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison, a $5,000 fine and two years of license suspension. A misdemeanor charge carries a $1,000 fine and 12-month license suspension.

“By law, this is called constructive possession,” Schwartzreich said, “where the marijuana is not on anyone’s person, there are two people in the vehicle, and one of the people in the vehicle, that being the passenger, not Udonis Haslem, says, ‘Hey, this is my marijuana.’ To further bolster the veracity of that statement, inside the bag, where marijuana is found, are documents bearing the name of the passenger.