Denver Nuggets player got high during 2010 playoffs


Some NBA players smoke weed. I’ve actually had a couple of them tell me that they play better high. So it should come as no surprise that even in something as intense as a playoff match up, there are players who are under the influence of that sticky icky.

Former NBA player and Nuggets team exec Rex Chapman recently shared a story with the Denver Post about this exact scenario:

It was the morning of a 2010 playoff game, and one of the Nuggets had just smoked some nuggets. As the team practiced, the player was so high that Rex Chapman, a team executive at the time, had to pull him aside to get him to focus.

“Across all walks of life and in every profession, people smoke (marijuana). This is no secret, and pro sports are not exempt,” said Chapman, who played 12 years in the NBA. “But employers deserve and pay for A-plus employees. There is a time and place for everything. As a member of a team, guys owe it to their teammates to put their best foot forward.”

Because I care, I have provided the 2010 playoff roster for you. One name in particular will standout as the likely culprit, but I see a few others who are known to indulge on occasion. Have fun figuring this one out.