DeAndre Jordan Agrees To Max Deal With Dallas Mavericks


The Clippers were dealt a huge blow on Friday when DeAndre Jordan made the decision to bypass the Clippers and sign with the Dallas Mavericks.

DeAndre Jordan rejected a 5-year $109 million deal from the Clippers, opting to sign with the Mavs for a contract worth over $80 million over the next four years.

Earlier in the season, there were rumors of a rift between Jordan and Clippers point guard Chris Paul. CP3 is said to have a leadership style similar to Kobe Bryant’s – which is why it would’ve been perfect had that trade gone through all those years ago, but I digress.

DJ reportedly felt like the Clippers weren’t using him to the best of his offensive ability. In his mind, the numbers he put up while Blake Griffin was out with injury showed his value on offense, and why he should be considered as more than a third wheel.

Doc Rivers helped rebrand DJ and give him confidence by pushing him to improve on the defensive end as a rebounder/dunker/defender. Jordan very rarely had plays ran for him.

He also felt more desired by the Dallas pitch. Chandler Parsons reportedly courted DeAndre with dinners leading up to the pitch, and Dirk Nowitzki even came off of his family vacation to attend the meeting.

Meanwhile, none of the players showed up to his meeting with the Clippers, even though DJ and Blake are BFF’s.

If I was DeAndre, I’d be slightly concerned as to who will get me the ball in the post. The Mavs don’t really have a point guard – Monta Ellis signed with the Pacers. But they have managed to put together a nice core that will consist of Jordan, Chandler Parsons, Dirk and Blazers former “3 flame thrower,” Wesley Matthews, who signed a four-year- $52 million deal.

between the Clippers ugly Game 6 melt down in the playoffs, that new ugly logo and now losing DeAndre, let’s hope for some more good news in free agency. LA basketball could be quite depressing next season in both the locker rooms at Staples Center.