Gabrielle Union And Dwyane Wade Chilling On A Yacht


If Gabrielle Union is dropping subliminals on Instagram, this one will go down as a classic. Gabby and her husband Dwyane Wade are on vacation in the Bahamas with Lebron James and his wife Savannah, Chris Paul and wife Jada, plus Carmelo and Lala. The group is spending time on a $29 million yacht.

Thursday it was announced that Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat agreed to a one year contract for $20 million. DWade opted out of the two-year deal he signed last summer, that would’ve paid him $16 million for the 15-16 season. Next summer is far away, but you have to wonder if Dwyane is thinking of joining LeBron in Cleveland next summer.

Lebron also opted out of his two-year deal with the Cavs. He is expected to re-sign with the team on a one-year deal, worth upwards of $20 million. The idea being to really cash out in the summer of 2016 when the cap goes up because of the TV rights deals.

Which brings me to Gabrielle’s Instagram post. In the photo it’s the two looking beautiful and lounging on the yacht. Her caption, “Looking good Lewis… Feeling good Billy Ray…”


That’s from an old Eddie Murphy movie from the 80’s called “Trading Places.” In the movie, two successful stock brokers bet $1 that they can turn a successful employee to a life of a crime and put a hustler from the streets in his place. Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd are the marks, who end up coming together and out-hustling the hustle.

Kind of like what DWade and LeBron would be doing if next summer they found a way to team up in Cleveland.


Or it could just be a random Instagram caption.