Chris Bosh hasn’t spoken to LeBron James since he rejoined the Cavs


Now that LeBron James has returned to Cleveland, the Miami Heat are regrouping and still focused on winning after his departure. The Heat and Cavs will face off against each other over the weekend in pre-season action in Brazil.

In a recent interview, Chris Bosh revealed that he hasn’t spoken to LeBron in months.


Asked by reporters if he had talked to his former teammate since James’ decision to leave the Heat, Bosh answered a succinct: ‘no.’

As to whether he was looking forward to seeing James on Saturday at the game in Rio de Janeiro, he replied with a lukewarm: ‘Yeah … I don’t know.’

‘I’m in the mode where I’m trying to lead my team, help these guys out around here,’ he said. 

‘If guys aren’t in this locker room I don’t have much time for them — if any.’

The interesting thing about this, they were both at Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union’s wedding August 30th in Miami. I guess they avoided each other there.

In reality, DWade and LeBron had the friendship. Chris Bosh and DWade shared an agent and their own relationship when the “Big 3” formed in 2010. Not everyone stays friends with co-workers once they move to a new job.

But it sure is interesting. Especially with Dwyane Wade recently making the statement that the Cavs are trying to “copy” the Heat’s formula to win a title…