EX-NFL star Larry Johnson banned from several popular South Beach clubs


Over the weekend, former NFL star Larry Johnson was arrested for battery in Miami following a fight in a club. Turns out that Larry has been banned from several South Beach clubs before this incident occurred because he was making violent threats towards promoters and club owners.

Top celeb hangouts Mansion, Mokai, Set, Story and Liv (where the Miami Heat always hang out) … all 86’d Johnson, and he’s clearly pissed about it. Just last week he posted (and then deleted) an Instagram saying he’d whoop the asses of club people.


The victim of the most recent attack was quoted saying he had never met Larry prior to the night of the incident and doesn’t know why he attacked him. Johnson reportedly told police the fight started because the man was stealing drinks from his table.

“He wailed on me for a good two minutes before security came over,” the man — who asked to keep his ID private — tells us.

“I couldn’t get back up on my feet – so it wasn’t even a fight. He just wailed on me – and used a tall broken vodka glass that got knocked over when I fell down [to attack me].”

The man continues … “I was able to cover my face – but I’m covered in cuts on the side of my neck, cut the back of my hand, and had to get 7 stitches for the gash on my arm.”

The man says he had NEVER met Johnson before the incident — despite reports to the contrary — and says he has no idea why LJ would attack him in the first place.