Athletes on TV: Kobe & Ron Artest in the shower plus Ocho Cinco bought a RING

Chad Ochocinco & Cheryl Burke – Paso Doble, The couple scored a 20 so “85” lives to dance another day… I think it’s getting old to Chad

Well I guess with Chad buying Cheryl more gifts ::cough cough a ring:: Maybe he’s hoping she’ll win the judges over for him… shrug who knows. I’m sticking by my original statement, CHAD LOVES LA LIVING… all we need now is a team (football we have 2 of everything else)

* Kobe Bryant was on Jimmy Kimmel last night. Cute interview, he discusses everything from his daughter’s trying to sell President Obama Girl Scout Cookies to his helicopter rides to and from Staples Center. One of the best moments in the interview for me was his discussion of Ron Artest confronting him in the shower:

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