Kerry Rhodes is a Groupie

So, Kerry Rhodes said:

“It’s hard to date someone who isn’t living my lifestyle – they don’t understand what comes with the job,” he said at the A.E.R. cancer fund-raiser at 320 Studios on Saturday night.

“Having a girlfriend in the spotlight, like Reggie Bush did with [ex-girlfriend] Kim Kardashian, would actually be a pretty ideal situation for me,” the baller said with a smirk.

Problem is, if I as a woman made the statement you made, I’d be considered a GROUPIE

But I TOTALLY get it. I mean would anybody care who was leaving Reggie Bush’s house had Kim not been a factor?? Is he even interesting?? No clue, because the only thing most pay attention to is if he’s cheating on Kim or if they’re broken up for good this time. Lamar Odom has 3 National spots since he added Kardashian onto his name. I mean Kobe’s the ONLY other Laker with a national commercial and he’s not even REALLY in it


So I SEE the possiblities!!! I mean #WINWINWIN (sorry thought I was tweeting for a second)

But I hope you don’t mind if I refer to you as exactly what you are, A GROUPIE

I mean isn’t this a text book example of what a groupie is???