Duke, Coach K and Diddy

I have little to no interest in College basketball. I know that seems odd for someone who has such passion for the NBA. Perhaps it’s the fact that there are so many schools and most of the top players are only there for a year. Maybe one day I’ll put more thought into it. For now, I say congratulations to Duke & Coach K. Although I am of the belief that for whatever reason Duke players end up as subpar NBA players, you cannot deny the program’s legacy.  The game itself actually kept me entertained down to the just barely missed half court short. Guess it was midnight and Butler turned back into a Pumpkin (I route for the Underdog unless we’re talking about the Lakers)

And shouts out to Dirty Money and the NCAA for this colab. Diddy is in my top 5 marketing mavens. There are very few who know how to shape and promote a brand as well as he does.

Plus you get to see a few highlights from the tournament if you’re a casual observer like me that’s a PLUS!!

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