Carmelo Anthony ends 15-day fast while Knicks owner James Dolan is recording Melo’s on court banter



Knicks star Carmelo Anthony may have been responded like a three-year old last week when he went to have a word with Kevin Garnett last week following the Knicks vs. Celtics match up. Now it turns out that Melo may have just been having a temper tantrum because he was really hungry. Melo has been on a 15-day fast for clarity.

“Physically, I’ve been fasting a little bit,” Anthony told the NY Post after the New York Knicks’ 100-87 win over the New Orleans Hornets on Sunday. “I haven’t been eating, but I’m done with it. I’m back eating. I usually do it to get clarity in my life. I’m done now. I can’t do it no more.” 

“It’s just for my own sake. Sometimes in life you need clarity in your life. You kind of want to replenish your body, build your body back, get all the toxins, unuseful things that you don’t need in your body out,” Anthony said.


Let the speculation begin on the areas Melo was seeking clearer vision in. At an appearance Melo even had fun with the whole Honey Nut Cheerios reference saying that a bowl of the breakfast cereal and then perhaps chicken or a steak where on the agenda While Melo was on the enlightened path, Knicks owner James Dolan was allegedly on some covert secret squirrel type stuff, allegedly having Carmelo recorded during Friday’s game against the Chicago Bulls.


Two audio technicians were stationed at two corners of the court — one a few feet just behind the Knicks bench, the other diagonally opposite — and they were holding those umbrella-shaped contraptions known as parabola microphones, which fed the audio into a DAT recorder on the truck on the loading dock.

These guys had one directive from Dolan: Record every syllable Carmelo Anthony utters and absorbs while he’s on the court and on the bench, the Madison Square Garden CEO ordered them, and send the tape directly to me.


Ok then. That absolutely sounds helpful. What’s next, plants in the locker room and GPS tracking on their vehicles?