Vanessa Bryant was eligible for $1.3 million per month in spousal and child support had divorce moved forward


Kobe and Vanessa Bryant decided not to go through with their divorce. Sometimes, all you need is a reality check of some sort to bring your focus back.  For example; for some, there’s the realization that your life wouldn’t be quite as bright without your significant other. For others, it might be financial. Our friends over at Larry Brown Sports had attorney Andrew J. Botros examine some of the general details about Kobe and Vanessa’s divorce and California law.

Botros estimates that Kobe’s monthly child support payments could’ve landed up to $365,000 per month. But, that’s not the only shocker, because of Kobe’s income – approximately $52 million per year – and the fact that there was no pre-nup, coupled with the fact the Bryants have been married for almost 12 years – a little over 10 at the time of Vanessa’s initial filing, Vanessa was looking at monthly spousal support payments of $1 million per MONTH.

TMZ inferred that Vanessa may have been trying to get more of a say in the household finances and therfore the two may have signed a postnup. If so, it’s a question of how you want to spend your money. Technically it’s gone either way, I suppose you have more control if you opt to stay married for financial reasons. “Cheaper to keep her?”

Granted these are only estimates, and the fact that Kobe married Vanessa without a prenup, dropped $4 million on the infamous purple diamond and deeded her three mansions, one could assume that he’s not overly concerned about dropping a million a month on Lady VB24. But, it should serve as a reminder to you “up and comers.”  1. Love can have an expiration date. Plan accordingly. and 2. Don’t get married or take residence in California if you aren’t getting a prenup!